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Network Tomography (Recent)

Environmental Data Science and Hydrology

Transportation Data Science

Graph and Graph Stream Sampling and Learning

Data Analytics and Mobility Modeling in Cellular Networks

Machine Learning applied to Traffic Classification, Customer Experience and Anomaly Detection

Methods and Data Structures for Fine Grained Measurement

Optimal Sampling (including Smart Sampling for Flow Records)

Graph Sampling for P2P Networks

Performance Monitoring

Data and System Management for Attack Detection

Trajectory Sampling

Packet Sampling and Flow Statistics

Simulation Tools

Measurement Infrastructure and Applications

Measurement of Path and Routing Properties

Traffic Matrix Tomography

Network Performance Tomography

Virtual Private Networks and the Hose Model

Pricing and Resource Allocation

Multicast Congestion Control

Video smoothing with network rate feedback

Beyond Weighted Fair Queueing: distributing bandwidth after fair sharing.

Capacity planning for heavy tailed source traffic

Queueing asymptotics: for large buffers; large aggregations; long-range dependent arrivals, including fractional Brownian motion and other self-similar processes.

Long-range dependence in teletraffic: basis and consequences

Measurement Based Admission Control

  • A large deviation analysis of errors in measurement based admission control to buffered and bufferless resources, N.G. Duffield, Queueing Systems, vol. 34, pp.131-168, 2000. See also: Asymptotic Sampling Properties of Effective Bandwidth Estimation for Admission Control, N.G. Duffield, IEEE Infocom’99, New York, 23-25 March, 1999
  • Predicting QoS parameters for ATM traffic using shape-function estimation. C. Walsh and N. G. Duffield, Proceedings of the 14th UK Teletraffic Symposium, 1997
  • Entropy of ATM traffic streams: a tool for estimating quality of service parameters. N.G. Duffield, J.T. Lewis, Neil O’Connell, Raymond Russell & Fergal Toomey. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 13, 981-990 (1995)
  • Estimating QoS parameters for ATM traffic using its entropy. N.G. Duffield, J.T. Lewis, Neil O’Connell, Raymond Russell & F. Toomey. In: Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks, Volume 1, pp411-427, Chapman & Hall, London, (1995).
  • The entropy of an arrival process: a tool for estimating QoS parameters of ATM traffic. N.G. Duffield, J.T. Lewis, N. O’Connell, R. Russell & F. Toomey. Proceedings of 11th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium. Cambridge, March 1994, IEE London (1994)

Miscellaneous queueing: asymptotics of polling systems; branching diffusions; higher order Lindley equations

  • Exponents for the tails of distributions in some polling models. N.G. Duffield.Queueing Systems, 26, 105-119 (1997).
  • The branchng diffusion approximation for a model of a synchronised queueing network. N.G. Duffield, M.Kelbert and Y.M.Suhov. In: The Lipster Festschrift, Statistics and Control of Stochastic Processes, Steklov Mathematical Institute 1995 – 1996, edsYu M Kabanov, B L Rozovskii & A N Shiryaev. Singapore:World Scientific (1997)
  • A branching diffusion approximation for a class of queueing networks. N.G. Duffield, M.Kelbert and Y.M.Suhov. Stochastic Analysis and Applications: 5th Gregynog Symposium. Gregynog, Powys, 9-14 July, 1995. (Eds. I.M.Davies, A.Truman, K.D.Elworthy). Singapore: World Scientific, pp 201-220, (1996);

Bounds and approximations in Markovian queueing models

  • Fast bounds for ATM Quality of Service parameters. N.G. Duffield, M. Huggard, R. Russell, F. Toomey & C. Walsh. Proceedings of 12th IEE UK Teletraffic Symposium. Windsor, 15-17 March 1995, IEE London (1995)
  • Allocating bandwidth from traffic descriptors of ATM traffic. D.D. Botvich, T. Curran, N.G. Duffield & S. Murphy. Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on performance modelling and evaluation of ATM networks, Bradford, 3-5 July. (1995)
  • Exponential upper bounds via martingales for multiplexers with Markovian arrivals. E.Buffet & N.G. Duffield. J. Appl. Prob., 31, 1049-1061 (1994)
  • Exponential bounds for queues with Markovian arrivals. N.G. Duffield. Queueing Systems, 17, 413-430 (1994)
  • Local mean-field Markov processes: an application to message-switching networks. N.G. Duffield. Prob. Theory Relat. Fields., 93, 485-505 (1992)

Quantum dynamical semigroups and statistical mechanics of mean-field systems

  • Microscopic and macroscopic limiting dynamics of a class of inhomogeneous mean-field quantum systems. N.G. Duffield, H. Roos & R.F. Werner. Ann. Inst. H. Poincare: Physique Theorique, 56, 143-186 (1992)
  • Classical hamiltonian dynamics for quantum hamiltonian mean-field limits. N.G. Duffield & R.F. Werner. In: Stochastics and Quantum Mechanics, (Eds. I.M.Davies & A.Truman). Singapore: World Scientific, pp115-129 (1992).
  • Local dynamics of mean-field quantum systems. N.G. Duffield & R.F. Werner. Helv. Phys. Acta, 65, 1016-1054 (1992)
  • Mean-field dynamical semigroups on C*-algebras. N.G. Duffield & R.F. Werner. Rev. Math. Phys., 4, 383-424 (1992)
  • Local correlation functions for mean-field dynamical semigroups on C*-algebras. N.G. Duffield. Helv. Phys. Acta., 64, 610-632 (1991)

Large deviations, quantum statistical mechanics, and Lie algebras and their irreducible representations

Dynamics and stability of a biological non-equilibrium phase transition

  • Global stability of condensation in the continuum limit for H. Froehlich’s pumped phonon system. N.G. Duffield. J. Phys. A: Math. Gen., 21, 625-641 (1988).
  • The continuum limit of dissipative dynamics in H.Froehlich’s pumped phonon system. N.G. Duffield. Helv. Phys. Acta, 61, 363-378 (1988)
  • Stability of Bose-Einstein condensation in H.Froehlich’s pumped phonon system. N.G. Duffield. Phys. Lett., A110, 332-334 (1985).