Extramural Funding

Over $1.45M extramural funding as PI since return to academia at Texas A&M in 2014

  • [NSF 2019c] HDR Tripods: Texas A&M Research Institute for Foundations of Interdisciplinary Data Science (FIDS), National Science Foundation, Award 1934904, 10/01/2019-9/30/2022, PI Bani Mallick, Co-PIs Dilma Da Silva, Ron Devore, Nick Duffield, P.R. Kumar. Total $1,416,522
  • [NSF 2019b] Planning Grant: Engineering Research Center for AI in Construction (AI-Con), National Science Foundation, Award 1936965, 09/01/2019-08/31/2020, PI Z. Grasley; Co-PIs Zhijian Pei, Amir Behzadan, Korok Ray, Nicholas Duffield. Total $99,999
  • [NSF 2019a] CC* Team: SWEETER — SouthWest Expertise in Expanding, Training, Education and Research, National Science Foundation, Award 1925764, 09/01/2019-08/31/2022. PI D. Chakravorty; Co-PIs J. Browning, T. Cockerill, E. Hunt, D. Dugas; Co-I N. Duffield. Total $504,990 / Duffield $12,625
  • [NSF 2018b] EAGER: Real-Time: Learning-Mediated Control for Traffic Shaping, National Science Foundation, Award 1839816, 10/1/2018-9/30/2020, PI N. Duffield, Co-PI’s, K. Narayanan, S. Shakkottai, A. Talebpour,  Total $300,000 / Duffield $75,000
  • [NSF 2018] EAGER: III: Adaptive Sampling of Massive Graph Streams, National Science Foundation, Award 1848596 , 09/01/2018 to 08/21/2020, PI N. Duffield, $200,488
  • [2018] Advanced Traffic Analysis For Network Virtualization, 07/20/2018 to 12/31/2021, PI N. Duffield, $361,743
  • [DARPA 2015] DEDUCE: Distributed Enclave Defense Using Configurable Edges. 7/1/2015-1/31/2020, Applied Communication Sciences. Texas A&M Subaward, PI: Nick Duffield.  $566,000
  • [NSF 2016] NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Distributed Approximate Packet Classification, National Science Foundation, Award 1618030, 9/1/2016-8/31/2019. PI Nick Duffield $198,346.
  • [Intel 2016] Approximation Methods for Massive Graph Analytics, Intel Corporation, PI Nick Duffeld, $30,000
  • [Google 2015] Traffic Measurement from High-level Names in Software Defined Networking, Google Faculty Research Award, 2015,  $79,992, PIs N.G. Duffield and Minlan Yu (University of Southern California).

As no-cost collaborator while at AT&T Labs Research, 1995-2013

  • [DARPA 1998] MINC: Multicast-based Inference of Network-internal Characteristics. DARPA and Air Force Research Laboratory agreement F30602-98-2-0238. 1998-2001. PI Don Towsley (University of Massachusetts), PI Vern Paxson (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory), PI Nick Duffield (AT&T Labs)   Total $918,738 / Duffield: Non-funded cost sharing.

During academic career in Europe, 1995 and earlier

  • [Forbarit 1995] Economies of Scale in Queueing Networks, Forbairt Ireland Research Grant SC/95/424, 1995-1997. PI: Nick Duffield. Total IRL 10,000.
  • [Eolas 1993] MU-DELTA. Mentec Computer Systems and EOLAS, Ireland, 1993-1995. John Lewis, PI  (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), Nick Duffield Co-PI (Dublin City University. Total IRL105,000

Texas A&M

  • [TAMU 2018] Sustain: Smart Use Of Site-Specific Technology With Artificial Intelligence Networks, Texas A&M T3 Grant, March 2018, PI R. Hardin (Texas A&M Biological and Agricultural Engineering), co-PIs N. Duffield, N. Rajan (Texas A&M Soil and Crop Sciences), $30,000
  • [TAMU 2016a]  Understanding Multi-Scale Hydrology: Fusion of BIG DATA from Ground Networks and Space-Based Satellites, Texas A&M Big Data Seed Grant, January 2016, PI: Binayak Mohanty (Texas A&M Biological and Agricultural Engineering); co-PI: N. Duffield. Total $50,000./ Duffield $25,000
  • [TAMU 2016b] Improving Understanding of 
Travel Behavior and Transportation Systems through Big Data Analytics, Texas A&M Big Data Seed Grant, January 2016, PI: Shawn Turner (Texas A&M Transportation Institute) co-PI: N. Duffield. Total $50,000 / Duffield $25,000
  • [TAMU 2016c] Boosting Attack Identification through Correlated System & Network Monitoring. Texas A&M Cybersecurity Seed Grant, January 2016,. PI: N. Duffield, co-PI: Guofei Gu (Texas A&M Computer Science and Engineering). Total  $50,000 / Duffield $25,000