Agricultural Data Engineering

Current projects using machine learning methods to:

  1. improve downscaling of aerial soil moisture data products
  2. develop site-specific crop-growth models from yield data and environmental covariates


  • Prof. Robert Hardin (Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
  • Hanzi Mao (PhD Student, Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Prof. Binayak Mohanty (Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
  • Prof. Nithya Rajan (Soil and Crop Sciences)
  • Ruiwan Xu (MS student, Electrical and Computer Engineering)



  • Sustain: Smart Use Of Site-Specific Technology With Artificial Intelligence Networks, Texas A&M T3 Grant, March 2018, PI R. Hardin (Texas A&M Biological and Agricultural Engineering), co-PIs N. Duffield, N. Rajan (Texas A&M Soil and Crop Sciences), $30,000
  • Understanding Multi-Scale Hydrology: Fusion of BIG DATA from Ground Networks and Space-Based Satellites, Texas A&M Big Data Seed Grant, January 2016, PI: Binayak Mohanty (Texas A&M Biological and Agricultural Engineering); co-PI: N. Duffield. Total $50,000./ Duffield $25,000