PhD Openings in Interdisciplinary Big Data Research

There are openings in my group for PhD students in two projects in Interdisciplinary Big Data Research:

  • Big Data in Transportation: this project concerns the use of location data originating from mobile devices to understand the impacts of congestion and other events in the transportation system. It will involve both developing algorithms for efficient summarization and mobility data, and developing data driven models of event propagation. This is a collaborative project with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.
  • Big Data in Multi-Scale Hydrology: this project concerns the fusion of ground based sensor data an satellite data relating to soil moisture, including using data machine methods to align features across datasets, detect measurement anomalies, and develop predictive models across spatial scale incorporate domain knowledge of the underlying hydrological processes. This is a collaborative project with Prof. Binayak Mohanty in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

If you are interested in working in either of these projects, please send me email, including your resume.