Nick Duffield is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. From 2013 until 2014, he was a Research Professor at DIMACS (the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science)  at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA. From 1995 until 2013, he worked at AT&T Labs-Research, Florham Park, NJ, where he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and an AT&T Fellow. He previously held post-doctoral and faculty positions in Dublin, Ireland, and Heidelberg, Germany. He received a BA in Natural Sciences in 1982, a MMath (Part III Maths) in 1983 from the University of Cambridge, UK, and a PhD in Mathematical Physics from the  University of London, U.K., in 1987.

His research focuses on data and network science, particularly applications of probability, statistics, algorithms and machine learning to the acquisition, management and analysis of large datasets in communications networks and beyond. He is a co-inventor of the Smart Sampling technologies that lie at the heart of AT&T’s scalable Traffic Analysis Service.  He was Charter Chair of the IETF working group on Packet Sampling. He was an Associate Editor for the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking from 2007-2011, and has been an Editor-at-Large since 2014. He is Chief Editor for Big Data at Frontiers in ICT. Dr. Duffield is an IEEE Fellow, and IET Fellow, and was a co-recipient of the ACM Sigmetrics Test of Time Award in both 2012 and 2013 for work in Network Tomography. He was elected a member of the Board of Directors of ACM Sigmetrics for 2015-2017