I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. From 1995 until 2013, I worked at AT&T Labs-Research where I was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and an AT&T Fellow. I am an IEEE Fellow, an IET Fellow, and have twice received the ACM Sigmetrics Test-of-Time award (in 2012 & 2013).

My research combines the foundations and applications of data science and computer networking, currently graph stream sampling, network measurement and resilience, and applications of data science to transportation and hydrology.

You can find details on my work page, and download most of my papers.

Recent News

  • Sep 2017: Paper Spatio-Temporal Clustering based Graph Signal Processing for Road Network Traffic Prediction accepted to BigTransport17
  • Aug 2017: Paper Stream Aggregation Through Order Sampling accepted to CIKM 2017
  • Jul 2017: Research visit to University of Warwick and Alan Turing Institute, UK
  • Jul 2017: TPC for WWW 2018
  • Jul 2017: Paper On Sampling from Massive Graph Streams accepted to VLDB’17
  • Jun 2017: Paper Signature Inversion for Monotone Paths accepted to ECP
  • Jun 2017: PhD student Arman Hasanzadeh talk Congestion Detection and Traffic Prediction in Transportation Networks Using Graph Signal Processing at the CMU GSP Workshop 2017
  • Jun 2017: US Patent 9,680,877: Systems and methods for rule-based anomaly detection on IP network flow
  • Apr 2017: TPC for IEEE BigData’17
  • Mar 2017: Talk at School of Computing, University of Utah
  • Mar 2017: Preprint Stream Aggregation Through Order Sampling
  • Mar 2017: PhD student Yunhong Xu will have summer internship at Fujitsu Network Communications
  • Feb 2017: US Patent 9,571,366:  Method and apparatus for providing a measurement of performance for a network
  • Feb 2017: Talk at Department of Computer Science, Tulane University
  • Feb 2017: MS student Liangzhen Xia will have summer internship at Facebook
  • Dec 2016: Preprint Near-Optimal Disjoint-Path Facility Location Through Set Cover by Pairs
  • Dec 2016: PhD student Hanzi Mao will have summer internship at Halliburton
  • Dec 2016: Keynote talk at 2016 BigGraphs Workshop at IEEE BigData’16
  • Dec 2016: Paper Graphlet Decomposition: Framework, Algorithms, and Applications appeared in KAIS
  • Nov 2016: Talk at Department of Computer Science, Yale University
  • Oct 2016: Paper On the Tradeoff between Stability and Fit appeared in ACM TALG
  • Sep 2016: Paper Efficient Sampling for Better OSN Data Provisioning appeared at 54th Allerton Conference
  • Sep 2016: NSF Award 1618030NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Distributed Approximate Packet Classification
  • Aug 2016: US Patent 9,407,527: System and method for inferring traffic legitimacy through selective impairment
  • Jul 2016: Visting researcher at Intel Research, Santa Clara, CA

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